We supply two different types of manual L Sealer:-

Traditional L Sealer there are many different manufacturers but all are basically the same process. You will need centre folded shrink film which is held on the reel cartridge. When you first start a new reel of film you need to seal the beginning of the film. You then place your product into the film and slide it onto the bed then pull the arm down and hold for a short time which will then form a backward L Seal which will then fully enclose the product.

If you only want to bag the product then that will be complete but if you want to shrink the film to the product you will require having a shrink tunnel as well.

The other manual L sealer which is available is a chamber L Sealer. This is more or less the same as the traditional type of L sealer but the only difference is that the L Sealer arm has a fully enclosed Perspex hood attached. When the arm is pulled down it will seal and shrink in one process. You can also turn the oven off so that you can just bag the product.

There are several different sizes of L Sealer and you need to choose your machine based on the largest item that you wish to wrap. You can change the size but using a different size of film but can only go smaller not larger than the L Sealer itself.

We offer service contracts on all L Sealer no matter of the origin. These contract reduce the chances of incurring downtime, we recommend regular preventative maintenance service contract visits. These contracts not only ensure immediate attendance to breakdowns as a priority over non contract customers, it also substantially reduces labour charges to you and will also lengthen the working life of your L Sealer. Thus reducing your capital expenditure requirement.

If we can help deciding which machine is most suitable for your requirements do not hesitate to ask.