load to provide stability and protection. As the turntable of the pallet wrapping machine rotates the film is stretched tight, it then contracts to to to pull in even tighter.

Many products have a long journey ahead of them before they reach their destination and could be handled several times. Even the best built items require protection against the elements and movement. Nowadays many hauliers and transport companies insist on minimum standards of packaging before they will accept goods onto their vehicles. A poorly palletised load can also represent a health and safety risk to your staff and those of transport companies, as well as customers and end users. And while the appearance of a load may not be so important, appropriate packaging shows the care and professionalism which today’s customer expects. A pallet wraping machine can solve all these problems by providing a securely protected load, which arrives in tiptop condition, making optimum use of materials to deliver a professional and cost-effective solution. Semi-automatic pallet wrapping machine turntable stretch wrapping machines (sometimes mistakenly referred to as “Shrink Wrappers) represent the entry level for many companies. The load is placed on the pallet wrapping machine turntable, by pallet truck or forklift truck, and the stretch film is attached to it. The operator then starts the machine’s turntable, a magic eye sees the pallet and the reel of film is raised and lowered on its carriage. Speed and tension are adjustable. At the end of the cycle the operator simply cuts the film and removes the load. Various turntable and mast sizes are available, enabling the customer to choose the most economical solution to suit the range of likely loads.

Film carriage brake, electromagnetic brake and power pre-stretch film carriages are available, again enabling the customer to choose the most economical solution for his application. For an high usage pallet wrapping machine it is not uncommon for the film savings associated with power pre-stretch to enable a machine “pay-back” time to be measured in months.

Options for your pallet wrapping machine including loading ramps, pit mounting frames so that we can sink the turntable in to the floor and pneumatic top clamps, are also available.

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