Semi automatic L sealers have the same process as a manual L Sealer but as you pull the arm down on the L Sealer the arm will lock is position whilst it seals the product and then will release. As it releases the ejection belt will move and take the product into the shrink tunnel automatically.

We also supply semi automatic Sleeve Sealing machines which is slightly different in that this is usually used for distribution purposes such as overwrapping and multipack. This process needs single wound polythene. There are two reel carriages one at top and one at bottom. When starting new reels you need to first seal the two together. You then put the product into the film and then press a button and the seal arm comes down forming a final seal and then the product will automatically move into the shrink tunnel.

There are several different sizes of Semi automatic L Sealer and Sleeve Sealing machines and you need to choose your machine based on the largest item that you wish to wrap. You can change the size but using a different size of film but can only go smaller not larger than the semi automatic L sealer and Sleeve Sealing machine itself.

We offer service contracts on all semi automatic L Sealer or Sleeve Sealing machines no matter of the origin. These contract reduce the chances of incurring downtime, we recommend regular preventative maintenance service contract visits. These contracts not only ensure immediate attendance to breakdowns as a priority over non contract customers, it also substantially reduces labour charges to you and will also lengthen the working life of your Semi automatic L sealer or Sleeve Sealing machine. Thus reducing your capital expenditure requirement.

If we can help deciding which machine is most suitable for your requirements do not hesitate to ask.

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