Wrapping & Converting Service Overview

Wrapping & Converting Systems Ltd offer comprehensive and nationwide sales and service to users of all types of Shrink Machinery and Packaging Machinery direct to the trade.

  • We supply New & Used Shrink Wrapping, Sleeving, Banding and Pallet Wrapping Machinesservice
  • We Repair and Service All Makes of Packaging Machinery, Nationwide
  • We Refurbish Machinery
  • We Supply Shrink Wrap Film, Pallet Wrap & Banding
  • We Supply Spare Parts & Consumables
  • Service Contracts are available


Our Bespoke Tailored Service Commitment

In addition to the above snapshot of services, We can also tailor our services to the clients needs, this is because our core business means meeting the machinery and service needs of people who use shrink wrapping and packaging machinery, allowing you to focus on your core business. Our mechanical electrical engineers have years of experience in the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of almost all types of packing machinery. Our service comprises:

  • Advice on machinery choice to match your application
  • Custom Design & Manufacture
  • Assembly of large machines
  • Installation and commissioning
  • On-site operator training
  • Supply your consumables, any type and size of shrink wrap, plus all your machine pallet wrap requirements.
  • Modifications & Upgrades
  • Removal and Eco disposal of old and scrap machinery
  • Full engineering support, warranty, maintenance and spares supply
  • Emergency Breakdown Service

Consider this guide to the major processes and applications, then invite us to discuss your particular requirements:


Typical Products

Popular Sizes

Shrink Wrap(over all wrap for presentation and distribution) Wide range of boxed or lose items. Bundles of printed materials, envelope packs, fancy goods, CD. Up to A3, larger available
Sleeve Wrap(tough wrap for distribution) Collated items, eg 6-packs, trays of items, collation of boxes. 100mm to 600mm
Flow Wrap(high speed overall wrapping for presentation) Single or multiple food items from process flow lines, eg. Biscuit Packs Upto 300mm long
Pallet Wrap(tough wrap for presentation and containment) Stacked boxes on pallets or large single item on pallet From 0.5m to 2m high and up to 2 tonnes in weight
Horizontal form fill and seal(high speed, high volume wrap for presentation) CDs greeting cards, small novelties 100mm+
Vertical form fill and seal(high speed, high volume wrap of counted and weighted products) Bumper convectionary bags, small parts for machinery 200mm
Magazine poly wrap(high speed wrap of individual magazines for mailing) Magazines, brochures, newsletters A3, A4, A5
Envelope Filling(envelope stuffing machinery) Direct Mail C4, C5, DL

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