Shrink wrap or shrinkwrapping film is the plastic that you use to cover products either to keep the product clean, contained and secure or to enhance its appearance.

When you apply heat to this plastic film it reacts and will shrink tightly to the product. This can be done either by machine ie. Shrink tunnel or by hand held heat gun.

Shrinkwrapping film can be used for various reasons…examples

  • Shrinkwrapping film can be used as an overwrap for cartons, cans boxes and even pallet loads this enables the product to be more robust for protection during movement. Also Keeps the product clean.
  • Shrinkwrapping film can also be used to enhance a product ie. A glossy clear film is aesthetically pleasing to the eye
  • Shrinkwrapping film is can also be used as the primary cover for foods products ie…meat, Cheese and provides tamper evidence
  • Shrinkwrapping film can also be used to create multi packs

Shrinkwrapping film is supplied is different forms to suit the required application . On sleeve wrappers which is for mainly distribution purposes and is very strong but will give a wrap that may not be fully enclosed.

Another way is centrefolded Shrink Film, this is that when the shrinkwrapping film is converted onto the roll it is folded in half. When you first start a reel of shrink film you make an initial seal along the end and then you have a pocket to put your product in and then seal with an L shaped sealer.

This way will give you a full enclosed and tamper evident pack.

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