Our machine pallet wrapping film has a number of commercial benefits including providing a secure and cost-effective medium for pallet load stability and protection.

Pre-stretched machine pallet wrapping film decreases the weight of the roll and the cost to you per length, but still retains the same high performance levels. If you make sure that you fold-over edges top and bottom, we ensure that this machine pallet wrapping film will have sufficient strength for the most exacting pallet-wrap requirements.

We supply power pre-stretched machine film which is a five-layer cast film, which enables a minimum 13% down-gauge, leading to a further increase in yield. It is supplied using heavy-duty, lightweight cores, further improving yield Light-weight but very strong, our machine pallet wrapping film is an economic solution for all pallet wrapping machine applications. Machine rolls are clear, weighs 15kg, 3000 metres long 23 micron 500mm wide

The hand pallet wrapping film to provide extra security is opaque and is black in colour 25 micron 200 metres long and is on extended cores and comes in cases of 6 rolls. Despite being stretched to twice its original length for greater economy retains its high performance and strength thanks to the fold-over edges.

Our hand pallet wrap is available to fit all standard hand-pallet rollers with the option of coreless rolls for improved efficiency and less waste.

Both our types of Pallet wrapping film is made to expand to cover product packs before contracting for a secure fit without the use of heat to shrink the film.

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